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Tory Lane

June 5, 2014

tory-laneTory Lane was born in the autumn of 1982. She comes from a mixed Italian and Polish ancestry, which explains her olive skin tone and big natural tits. Originally from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Tory Lane was tRaind as a classical dancer and studied ballet before reaching the age of eighteen and choosing to express herself in a much more adult manner. Known for her very aggressive sexual style and nasty dirty talk abilities, this talented pornstar has managed to make a name for herself in the DVD, porn site, novelty toy and feature dancing arenas of adult entertainment.

Standing 5′ 6 inches tall and weighing in at a very petite 118 pounds, Tory Lane stared out with a fantastic 34D-24-32 body and has continued to improve and upgrade her sensual allure each year of her porn career. Adding tattoos of burning hearts and tribal bands as a tramp stamp on her lower back in 2007, a flower on the back of her neck in 2008, the word “SASCHA” going down her spine in 2010, and smaller XXX ink on her fingers and toes along the way – Tory believes her body is always an unfinished work of art. That’s why it didn’t surprise her fans when she chose to have both of her big nipples pierced or when she added a sexy ring to her belly as well.

What did surprise the adult film loving audience was her decision to have her natural big tits enlarged. Starting with a fantastic all natural set of 34Ds, Tory decided she could do better and offer her fans more if she had her knockers enlarged to an eye-popping 36E later in her xxx career. It appears from her filmography pictorials that she later had her big tits reduced down closer to their natural size later on, but those rumors are always very hard to confirm.

For Tory Lane the road to porn fame started in strip clubs all across the United States. Capitalizing on her awesome body and extensive dance training, Tory was able to go from part-time amateur stripper to traveling feature dancer in a very short amount of time. Dance is something she has always loved, and even later in her sex career, Tory Lane continues to entertain fans with live shows and stage performances as one of the preeminent strip-tease show girls ever to strut out for a gentlemen’s cabaret audience. Now seen in dozens of countries, if you haven’t had the chance to see her live sex shows and feature dance performances, do yourself a favor a book a front row seat the next time Tory Lane comes to your town.

Ms Lane allegedly attended Broward Community College and graduated with an Associates Degree in Business. She then began working as a bartender at small club in Florida named The Elbow Room and eventually graduated to the role of beer girl at a Hooters in Florida where she eventually hooked up with her lifelong friend and fellow porn superstar Harmony Rose. Imaging having those two sexual starlets serving you pitchers of ale during a ball game afternoon lunch!

Harmony and Tory were best friends forever it seemed and in the early 2000s they both tried to break into the adult film business. Harmony had a more mainstream pornstar look with her blonde hair and blue eyes, statuesque figure and high cheek bones, so her road to fame in xxx was faster and easier than the one Tory took. However, Tory Lane is anything but lazy and her persistence eventually paid off as she became an even more famous pornstar who at one point may have been the most famous girl in xxx films and she remains an all time favorite of many fans right through to today.

Right after her Hooters gig ended, while Harmony was earning plenty of attention for the tenacious way she loves getting fucked on film, Tory Lane was quietly working in obscurity at an adult bookstore in Florida selling sex toys and videos. that direct connection with actual porn consumers has served her well over the long length of her adult career. Having the chance to hear from fans about their darkest desires, seeing what they bought and what they left on the racks, asking questions and getting to know the people who would later decide her fate as a famous pornstar or forgotten amateur slut.

Finally, in 2002 Tory Lane started putting it all together. Her first feature porn film costarred Ben English and Marco giving her the hardcore double-penetration sex she needed to launch her sex career the right way. Unlike a lot of other starlets who take their time and try to ration each sexual break-through, starting with only solo masturbation scenes, then trying girl girl and slowly building toward a progression that eventually ends up with extreme hardcore – Tory Lane decided to work from the extreme back down to the softcore side of the spectrum instead.

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