Sexy Girlfriend App

May 27, 2014

Ever wanted a girlfriend to care to your every whim? Relax in your free time and play around with your own cute girl. Tickle her, crack a joke that she’ll laugh at or even take care of her when she’s feeling down.


Show off what your iphone can do to your friends with your own interactive cutie! Next time you go through a breakup with your hot babe, just pop out your iPhone or iPod Touch and say you’ve been secretly dating someone hotter, intelligent in a GS sort of way, and more cute. Maybe she’ll think you’re adorable enough to take you back. Or if you’ve ever wanted a second girl in your relationship pop out your sexy girlfriend app and see where things go.

Perfect fun or even as a prank or practical joke on your best friend’s iphone when he starts hitting on the new girl, just ask him for his phone and show her the girlfriend he has available in his pocket.


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