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Sasha Grey

July 14, 2014

Sasha Grey Sasha Grey was born in 1988 in Sacramento, California. Her home life was a relatively happy one but it did come with many of the instabilities faced by girls growing up around that time. When Sasha Gray was little, her parents got divorced and later her mother remarried. Sasha was raised in a house by her mother and step-father. She was always intellectually gifted but had a very hard time conforming to the rules and structure of elementary education. For that reason she become somewhat transient and moved through four or five different high schools while trying to balance the social anxieties of being a teen, the rigors of her academic course load and the challenges of starting over in a new school several times. When she finally graduated in 2005, Sasha had decided she wanted to pursue a career in the performing arts. She studied acting, film and dance at a local junior college while working as a waitress in a steakhouse to cover her expenses.

Like many sweethearts starting out, Sasha Gray developed an at work relationship with one of the cooks at the steakhouse. Though she was just 18 at the time, her new boyfriend was already 26 years old. According to interviews, it was he who introduced Sasha to a wide range of sexual activities, fetishes and deviant sex acts. Sasha loved every minute of it, often encouraging him to do things with her that were more hardcore than he expected she would enjoy. Bondage, anal and rough sex quickly became her favorite sexual activities. It was at that time that Sasha Grey also discovered her love of porn.

As a couple, Sasha Grey and her former boyfriend watched a lot of porn, trying to copy what they saw on screen in their own bedroom. Just a few months later Sasha made the most important decision of her life. “It just clicked in my head one day,” she said during an online interview, “This, I thought, is what I am now going to do with my life.” A career in porn was the fastest and easiest way for her to attain her goal of a career in the performing arts. Unlike many girls who get into porn as the final career, Sasha knew from the beginning that she could use her amazing body and rare sexual skills as a stepping-stone to propel her forward into mainstream productions as well.

Watching famous girls who had sex tapes released to the public like Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson convinced Sasha Grey that she could do the exact same thing in reverse. Instead of becoming famous and then leaking a sex tape to the media, she would show the world everything there was to know about her sexually and then start leaking her true acting talents to the world as a way to bridge from XXX adult films to Hollywood blockbusters and a wildly popular HBO series as well.

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