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Lisa Ann

July 9, 2014

lisa annWhen big tits pornstar Lisa Ann was born in Pennsylvania nobody could have had any idea that she would one day grow up to become the most popular pornstar on the planet. She was a shy girl, and a bit of a tom-boy – always athletic and much more comfortable hanging out with boys on the ball field rather than playing dolls with other girls. That may be where she gets her aggressive personality and sexual passion to this day. The intensity and athletic prowess she displays in her films is all real, pure and natural. When the HD video cameras are rolling you simply can’t fake the kind of excitement that shows up in her eyes any time a well-hung costar climbs between those famous thighs to fuck her.

Lisa Ann began erotic dancing in the early 1990s as an easy way to pay her way through school. She was in college at the time and found strutting naked in front of strangers to be a whole lot easier than the other jobs available to a coed in a blue-collar town. At first she had no intention of making adult entertainment a permanent career and she always took her studies seriously. However, after she finished her degree and became a certified dental assistant, Lisa Ann started to find out how much harder work can be when it becomes a full time occupation – and how much easier it would be to get her holes fucked on film for serious cash instead. During the summer of 1993 Lisa put down her dental gear and decided to take the leap from an erotic dancer stage to a porn studio as she started cranking out her own unique brand of smut.

Unlike most new starlets who try to ration out their sexuality, doing lesbian scenes and solo masturbation only for a while before going on to hardcore sex – Lisa Ann took a more unconventional approach. One of her very first videos ever was the 1994 release TRaind by Payne which was directed by Ernest Greene, the real life husband of veteran porn icon Nina Hartley. As would become a trend for the rest of her entire career, Lisa was always much more interested in the quality of people she was working with than the specific niche or style of sex she was being asked to portray. Doing a BDSM video can be challenging, but doing it with people you know you can trust makes it all the easier – and that makes the results sparkle on screen for fans who delighted in the real grit Lisa Ann was capable of showing during high stamina displays of sexual fervor.

Her early career was off to an amazing start and the fans quickly began to flock to every Lisa Ann film, but her medical education scary news combined in 1997 to lead Lisa to announce she was quitting porn forever. It was the height of a serious AIDS scare within the adult industry and until real protections were put in place to prevent the spread of HIV in XXX, Lisa Ann knew she needed to keep her private parts truly private. The fact that she was supposedly in her sexual prime at the time made her decision much more difficult. Everyone believed porn would eventually have testing services and other safety measures in place, but the sweet spot of a pornstar’s XXX career is usually very short. In fact, back in 1997 any pornstar over the age of 25 was considered too old to become popular while fucking on film.

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