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Faye Reagan

July 29, 2014

fayeFaye Reagan was born in September of 1988. She is a native of Las Vegas and has always lived life on the wild side. As she says herself in the masthead of her own Twitter page “As far as right and wrong, I know the difference, but right is oh so dull…and I’m not interested.”

A fiery redhead with a freckled face a milk-white skin, Faye Reagan has a natural look that is very different from the majority of blonde hair and blue eye porn sluts. When she first started trying to make it as a pornstar nobody was sure her unique look would catch on with hardcore fans, but over the course of her adult film career it has been her signature sense of style and rare beauty that quickly propelled her to the height of skin biz stardom.

It can be difficult to nail down a precise starting date in porn for Faye Reagan because she has appeared using so many different aliases and variations on the spelling of her stage name. Faye Valentine, Faye Regan and Fay Reagan to name a few of her pseudonyms, all started sometime around the latter half of 2007, but it wasn’t until May of 2008 when she was named one of the four Adult Video News (AVN) “Fresh New Faces” as a cover girl that she really started to catch on with a mass audience of xxx fanatics.

From early on in her career through the present day Faye Reagen has had a long term relationship away from the studios with well-known male porn starlet Dane Cross. There are conflicting reports as to whether Faye and Dane become a couple after she was already being fucked on film, or if they were together before she started getting naked for fans and Dane had a hand in bringing her into the business.

Dane Cross was born in October of 1983 and is almost five full years older than the 23 year old starlet Faye Reagen. He performs on screen with her and other pornstars, as well as doing fair amount of camera work and editing work behind the scenes. He chose his stage name as a combination of his two favorite comedians, Dane Cook and David Cross. Though he had been fucking pornstars already for nearly three years, he ironically won the AVN Award for Best Male Newcomer in 2010, the XBIZ Award for New Male Performer of the Year that same year; proving a female pornstar gets noticed immediately while a male stud can go years under the radar before earning any notoriety at all.

Cross is a properly educated film student and also has mainstream experience from his days working as a news cameraman. Though he and Faye Reagen got engaged and fuck each other on film often, they made the decision early in their relationship to enjoy a swinger lifestyle and an open marriage allowing them both to pursue plenty of pussy outside the confines of traditional monogamy restrictions. That also has enhanced both of their careers significantly because porn fans are notoriously bored quickly by prissy pornstars who only fuck one dude when the action starts.

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