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Faye Reagan

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fayeFaye Reagan was born in September of 1988. She is a native of Las Vegas and has always lived life on the wild side. As she says herself in the masthead of her own Twitter page “As far as right and wrong, I know the difference, but right is oh so dull…and I’m not interested.”

A fiery redhead with a freckled face a milk-white skin, Faye Reagan has a natural look that is very different from the majority of blonde hair and blue eye porn sluts. When she first started trying to make it as a pornstar nobody was sure her unique look would catch on with hardcore fans, but over the course of her adult film career it has been her signature sense of style and rare beauty that quickly propelled her to the height of skin biz stardom.

It can be difficult to nail down a precise starting date in porn for Faye Reagan because she has appeared using so many different aliases and variations on the spelling of her stage name. Faye Valentine, Faye Regan and Fay Reagan to name a few of her pseudonyms, all started sometime around the latter half of 2007, but it wasn’t until May of 2008 when she was named one of the four Adult Video News (AVN) “Fresh New Faces” as a cover girl that she really started to catch on with a mass audience of xxx fanatics.

From early on in her career through the present day Faye Reagen has had a long term relationship away from the studios with well-known male porn starlet Dane Cross. There are conflicting reports as to whether Faye and Dane become a couple after she was already being fucked on film, or if they were together before she started getting naked for fans and Dane had a hand in bringing her into the business.

Dane Cross was born in October of 1983 and is almost five full years older than the 23 year old starlet Faye Reagen. He performs on screen with her and other pornstars, as well as doing fair amount of camera work and editing work behind the scenes. He chose his stage name as a combination of his two favorite comedians, Dane Cook and David Cross. Though he had been fucking pornstars already for nearly three years, he ironically won the AVN Award for Best Male Newcomer in 2010, the XBIZ Award for New Male Performer of the Year that same year; proving a female pornstar gets noticed immediately while a male stud can go years under the radar before earning any notoriety at all.

Cross is a properly educated film student and also has mainstream experience from his days working as a news cameraman. Though he and Faye Reagen got engaged and fuck each other on film often, they made the decision early in their relationship to enjoy a swinger lifestyle and an open marriage allowing them both to pursue plenty of pussy outside the confines of traditional monogamy restrictions. That also has enhanced both of their careers significantly because porn fans are notoriously bored quickly by prissy pornstars who only fuck one dude when the action starts.

Sasha Grey

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Sasha Grey Sasha Grey was born in 1988 in Sacramento, California. Her home life was a relatively happy one but it did come with many of the instabilities faced by girls growing up around that time. When Sasha Gray was little, her parents got divorced and later her mother remarried. Sasha was raised in a house by her mother and step-father. She was always intellectually gifted but had a very hard time conforming to the rules and structure of elementary education. For that reason she become somewhat transient and moved through four or five different high schools while trying to balance the social anxieties of being a teen, the rigors of her academic course load and the challenges of starting over in a new school several times. When she finally graduated in 2005, Sasha had decided she wanted to pursue a career in the performing arts. She studied acting, film and dance at a local junior college while working as a waitress in a steakhouse to cover her expenses.

Like many sweethearts starting out, Sasha Gray developed an at work relationship with one of the cooks at the steakhouse. Though she was just 18 at the time, her new boyfriend was already 26 years old. According to interviews, it was he who introduced Sasha to a wide range of sexual activities, fetishes and deviant sex acts. Sasha loved every minute of it, often encouraging him to do things with her that were more hardcore than he expected she would enjoy. Bondage, anal and rough sex quickly became her favorite sexual activities. It was at that time that Sasha Grey also discovered her love of porn.

As a couple, Sasha Grey and her former boyfriend watched a lot of porn, trying to copy what they saw on screen in their own bedroom. Just a few months later Sasha made the most important decision of her life. “It just clicked in my head one day,” she said during an online interview, “This, I thought, is what I am now going to do with my life.” A career in porn was the fastest and easiest way for her to attain her goal of a career in the performing arts. Unlike many girls who get into porn as the final career, Sasha knew from the beginning that she could use her amazing body and rare sexual skills as a stepping-stone to propel her forward into mainstream productions as well.

Watching famous girls who had sex tapes released to the public like Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson convinced Sasha Grey that she could do the exact same thing in reverse. Instead of becoming famous and then leaking a sex tape to the media, she would show the world everything there was to know about her sexually and then start leaking her true acting talents to the world as a way to bridge from XXX adult films to Hollywood blockbusters and a wildly popular HBO series as well.

Lisa Ann

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lisa annWhen big tits pornstar Lisa Ann was born in Pennsylvania nobody could have had any idea that she would one day grow up to become the most popular pornstar on the planet. She was a shy girl, and a bit of a tom-boy – always athletic and much more comfortable hanging out with boys on the ball field rather than playing dolls with other girls. That may be where she gets her aggressive personality and sexual passion to this day. The intensity and athletic prowess she displays in her films is all real, pure and natural. When the HD video cameras are rolling you simply can’t fake the kind of excitement that shows up in her eyes any time a well-hung costar climbs between those famous thighs to fuck her.

Lisa Ann began erotic dancing in the early 1990s as an easy way to pay her way through school. She was in college at the time and found strutting naked in front of strangers to be a whole lot easier than the other jobs available to a coed in a blue-collar town. At first she had no intention of making adult entertainment a permanent career and she always took her studies seriously. However, after she finished her degree and became a certified dental assistant, Lisa Ann started to find out how much harder work can be when it becomes a full time occupation – and how much easier it would be to get her holes fucked on film for serious cash instead. During the summer of 1993 Lisa put down her dental gear and decided to take the leap from an erotic dancer stage to a porn studio as she started cranking out her own unique brand of smut.

Unlike most new starlets who try to ration out their sexuality, doing lesbian scenes and solo masturbation only for a while before going on to hardcore sex – Lisa Ann took a more unconventional approach. One of her very first videos ever was the 1994 release TRaind by Payne which was directed by Ernest Greene, the real life husband of veteran porn icon Nina Hartley. As would become a trend for the rest of her entire career, Lisa was always much more interested in the quality of people she was working with than the specific niche or style of sex she was being asked to portray. Doing a BDSM video can be challenging, but doing it with people you know you can trust makes it all the easier – and that makes the results sparkle on screen for fans who delighted in the real grit Lisa Ann was capable of showing during high stamina displays of sexual fervor.

Her early career was off to an amazing start and the fans quickly began to flock to every Lisa Ann film, but her medical education scary news combined in 1997 to lead Lisa to announce she was quitting porn forever. It was the height of a serious AIDS scare within the adult industry and until real protections were put in place to prevent the spread of HIV in XXX, Lisa Ann knew she needed to keep her private parts truly private. The fact that she was supposedly in her sexual prime at the time made her decision much more difficult. Everyone believed porn would eventually have testing services and other safety measures in place, but the sweet spot of a pornstar’s XXX career is usually very short. In fact, back in 1997 any pornstar over the age of 25 was considered too old to become popular while fucking on film.

Jada Fire

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jada-fireEbony porn princess Jada Fire was born in September of 1976, right near porn valley in Los Angeles California. She stands a petite 5′ 1″ tall with a big black ass that has become more famous than the butt of any other black pornstar in xxx history. Her 36DD-24-36 is an awesome sight to behold, especially when you keep in mind that those dark milk juggs are big natural tits with huge silver-dollar sized areolas!

Having starred in more than 570 feature porn DVD titles, Jada Fire has kept so busy since her porn career began back in 1998 that it becomes difficult for her to accurately remember the order of events exactly.

For example, in several interviews she has been asked about her first time in a porn film and which was her very first movie. She has mentioned Black Snatch 6 from Devil’s Film, Fade 2 Black 1 from Metro and Girls Home Alone 6 from Tight Ends pictures. All were shot in 1998, but two of them were ‘lesbian only’ scenes – so it stands to reason that her first true hardcore performance should be credited to Metro studios because in Fade 2 Black 1 Jada Fire takes it up the ass so hard and deep that it really foreshadowed the rest of her career quite accurately!

Another part of the mystery regarding Jada Fire is the fact that she has appeared under several different aliases during her xxx adventures. Jada, Jada Fine, Jada Fires, Jade, Black Jade and a number of other monikers can all be attributed to the same starlet – but as they say, a rose by any other name still smells just as sweet.

The truth about her start in adult entertainment actually sounds like the plot of a reality porn movie, but that’s because sometimes fiction really does mirror reality. Jada Fire actually started her career in the adult industry as a phone sex operator. She had been working a lousy job serving fried chicken at a fast food restaurant according to published interviews that express exactly how she felt at that time of her life: “I was jumping around different food franchises – I was young and didn’t give a fuck” she said. So, she answered an ad in a local paper for a telephone marketing company and quickly found out what they wanted were women with sexy voices who knew how to turn callers on with erotic roleplay performances that would have them coming back for more.

That’s the point where Jada Fire really got in touch with her own sexuality. She fielded hundreds of calls from porn perverts looking to share their own kinds of kink with a lovely lady over the phone and quickly learned that she has a real talent for talking dirty. It’s a major xxx tool in her arsenal to this day and a big reason why some many of her on screen sex performances have earned award nominations. It’s also one of the key reasons she was chosen to star in major porn productions later in her career, where her acting was almost as important as her ability to spread her ass cheeks to enjoy anal sex what you watch from up close!

The first girl Jada Fire met in porn was retired pornstar named India. India had gotten into porn the year before Jada did and they met through connections Jada Fire made while helping men masturbate as a sex call operator India introduced Jada to legendary male classic porn performer TT-Boy who was running a talent agency and providing quality cocksuckers for studio porn work at the time. It didn’t take long at all to get Jada booked with some of the biggest names in the skin biz. and he quickly got her some work sucking his cock on camera.

New Sensations, Powerhouse Studios, Torrid Video, Wicked Pictures, Evil Angel, West Coast Productions, Platinum X Pictures, 3rd Degree, Zero Tolerance and Lethal Hardcore were among dozens of top tier studios that wanted a crack as pumping out this new ebony porn starlet during the DVD era of xxx action. Jada Fire soon found herself bouncing from one studio to another, holding her ankles and letting complete strangers take turns fucking her sweet pussy, tight asshole and deep throat.

While other girls she worked with sometimes complained about the hectic schedule and the physical stamina required – Jada Fire found that she loved catching cumshots from people she met only a few minutes earlier and making fans around the world smile at the sight of her name on their next box cover store purchase. That’s the single greatest reason why her career has been so long and successful.

In porn, success always comes from a combination of natural gifts and an enthusiastic attitude. Her big tits and in particular her very large areolas got her noticed quickly. The fact that she was open for anal sex right from the start and willing to fuck just about anyone a studio put in front of her also immediately enhanced her popularity. Within her first two years in smut, Jada Fire had earned a reputation as an ebony diva who was both fun to fuck and fun to work with – that’s all it takes to have top names promoting you and fans adoring you if you already have the beautiful body Jada began with from the start!

Many pornstars make it to that level and become complacent. They start to ‘mail it in’ during some scenes, quit touring and featuring dancing, blow off their fans and watch as their popularity sags soon afterward. Jada Fire wanted more than that, and she knew that meant she needed to keep evolving her sexual skills. At one point, after a tremendous amount of time, training and effort, Jada became the first black pornstar to successful squirt during an orgasm while being filmed. Expanding her skill set and keeping her fans happy has always been at the center of her career goals. That’s why she continues to feature dance and connect with fans even now, when her fame is already assured for all times.

Shawna Lenee

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shawnaBlonde beauty Shawna Lenee is a model and porn star who was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1987. She has the typical girl-next-door smile with sparkling green eyes, a figure measuring 32D-24-35 and a petite, tight body. She graduated from high school in 2005 and had been involved in many extra-curricular activities in school, including cheer-leading, gymnastics and cross country track, which has kept her lean, flexible, energetic and fit!

Shawna has modeled for a variety of fashion photography studios, glamorous lingerie companies, swimsuit makers, semi-nude calendars and completely nude erotic art. She wanted to be a pornstar while she was growing up for as far back as she could remember. When she turned 18, Shawna Lenee moved to Palm Springs, California and performed in her first hardcore video. For her first XXX movie, Shawna was a bit nervous, but she ended up doing very well according to her costar and the producer.

She soon found an agent and began her full time career in porn. She has used several names including Kara Mynor and Kara Bare which can make it more difficult to find some of her earlier performances, but after her eighth or ninth feature role she settled down and began using the stage-name Shawna Lenee consistently. Her agency recommended the name Kara Star, but she wanted to choose her own name and finally went with Shawna Lenee.

Since then, Ms. Lenee has starred in more than 200 porn movies for some of the top producers including Platinum X Pictures, New Sensations, Penthouse, Metro, Mile High, Red Light District, Jules Jordan Video, Evil Angel and many others.

At the beginning of her porn career, Shawna Lenee worked mostly in cumshot movies featuring hardcore sex with men in a very traditional sense. Later she began to expand her portfolio of niches to include lesbian sex, fetish porn and orgasmic squirting vids. She did anal once with the man she was dating and hasn’t ruled out doing it for the cameras. She has also started becoming a fan favorite in solo masturbation videos, on Sybian sex machine fetish sites and continues to perform in plenty of hardcore fuck films as well.

Shawna Lenee loves to act and believes she is a true entertainer beyond having sex on film. She also believes that she was meant to be a pornstar. That’s why industry award nominations and compliments from her fans after she does a great scene really mean a lot to her.

When it comes to the logistics of her sex scenes, Shawna Lenee prefers the missionary position because she likes to be dominated. She especially enjoys it when guys hold down her arms or tie her up for roleplay XXX action. The missionary position also gives her access to her clitoris while the guy is doing all the thrusting when her fingers are free to pleasure herself.

In 2008, Shawna Lenee was featured on the cover of the July issue of Penthouse Magazine and was also featured as the Pet of the Month. She was also named a Twistys Treat of the Month for May that same year. She followed that up by being named the Penthouse Pet of the Year runner up, losing out to the winner that year Erica Ellyson, though Shawna has gone one to become a much more famous model than Erica ever was, proving her resillience.

In 2009 Shawna became somewhat political, taking an outspoken stand against New York Governor Paterson and his plan to apply a four percent sales tax on all digital purchases, which would have included online porn. Shawna Lenee felt that the adult industry had been around for decades and it wasn’t fair for the government to impose this tax on the industry because of a state deficit. She believed that the movies she filmed would be impacted and was strong enough to publicly defend her rights. Fortunately Shawna and others were successful in defeating the tax plan!

Shawna Lenee has been feature dancing since 2009 and she loves it when fans watch her while she dances. Unlike porn, which is filmed in front of a cast and crew in a studio without the excitement of fan participation, stripping gives Shawna the chance to feed off the energy of the crowd and she gets really pumped up because being naked on stage and shaking her ass in front of people who adore her is always quite a rush.

It’s no surprise that this golden haired goddess often earns the covergirl contract when she performs in XXX DVD releases. She loves being featured on box covers because it gives her another way to connect with fans and earn their affection. In 2010, she won an AVN Award for Unsung Starlet of the Year. She also became one of the very first pornstars to have their own mobile phone app available. The software was titled “Shawna Lenee Private Dance” and featured some semi-nude images of Shawna, but the app was subsequently removed from the iTunes store after activists lobbied against it.

In her time off, Shawna Lenee enjoys playing video games and she is a big fan of country music. She considers her family members her heroes, and loves her pet Roxie. Shawna Lenee has a couple tattoos on her body including a small star on the inside of her left heel and an Aries symbol on her right foot. She also has a belly piercing to adorn her sexy flat stomach and tight abs.

Tory Lane

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tory-laneTory Lane was born in the autumn of 1982. She comes from a mixed Italian and Polish ancestry, which explains her olive skin tone and big natural tits. Originally from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Tory Lane was tRaind as a classical dancer and studied ballet before reaching the age of eighteen and choosing to express herself in a much more adult manner. Known for her very aggressive sexual style and nasty dirty talk abilities, this talented pornstar has managed to make a name for herself in the DVD, porn site, novelty toy and feature dancing arenas of adult entertainment.

Standing 5′ 6 inches tall and weighing in at a very petite 118 pounds, Tory Lane stared out with a fantastic 34D-24-32 body and has continued to improve and upgrade her sensual allure each year of her porn career. Adding tattoos of burning hearts and tribal bands as a tramp stamp on her lower back in 2007, a flower on the back of her neck in 2008, the word “SASCHA” going down her spine in 2010, and smaller XXX ink on her fingers and toes along the way – Tory believes her body is always an unfinished work of art. That’s why it didn’t surprise her fans when she chose to have both of her big nipples pierced or when she added a sexy ring to her belly as well.

What did surprise the adult film loving audience was her decision to have her natural big tits enlarged. Starting with a fantastic all natural set of 34Ds, Tory decided she could do better and offer her fans more if she had her knockers enlarged to an eye-popping 36E later in her xxx career. It appears from her filmography pictorials that she later had her big tits reduced down closer to their natural size later on, but those rumors are always very hard to confirm.

For Tory Lane the road to porn fame started in strip clubs all across the United States. Capitalizing on her awesome body and extensive dance training, Tory was able to go from part-time amateur stripper to traveling feature dancer in a very short amount of time. Dance is something she has always loved, and even later in her sex career, Tory Lane continues to entertain fans with live shows and stage performances as one of the preeminent strip-tease show girls ever to strut out for a gentlemen’s cabaret audience. Now seen in dozens of countries, if you haven’t had the chance to see her live sex shows and feature dance performances, do yourself a favor a book a front row seat the next time Tory Lane comes to your town.

Ms Lane allegedly attended Broward Community College and graduated with an Associates Degree in Business. She then began working as a bartender at small club in Florida named The Elbow Room and eventually graduated to the role of beer girl at a Hooters in Florida where she eventually hooked up with her lifelong friend and fellow porn superstar Harmony Rose. Imaging having those two sexual starlets serving you pitchers of ale during a ball game afternoon lunch!

Harmony and Tory were best friends forever it seemed and in the early 2000s they both tried to break into the adult film business. Harmony had a more mainstream pornstar look with her blonde hair and blue eyes, statuesque figure and high cheek bones, so her road to fame in xxx was faster and easier than the one Tory took. However, Tory Lane is anything but lazy and her persistence eventually paid off as she became an even more famous pornstar who at one point may have been the most famous girl in xxx films and she remains an all time favorite of many fans right through to today.

Right after her Hooters gig ended, while Harmony was earning plenty of attention for the tenacious way she loves getting fucked on film, Tory Lane was quietly working in obscurity at an adult bookstore in Florida selling sex toys and videos. that direct connection with actual porn consumers has served her well over the long length of her adult career. Having the chance to hear from fans about their darkest desires, seeing what they bought and what they left on the racks, asking questions and getting to know the people who would later decide her fate as a famous pornstar or forgotten amateur slut.

Finally, in 2002 Tory Lane started putting it all together. Her first feature porn film costarred Ben English and Marco giving her the hardcore double-penetration sex she needed to launch her sex career the right way. Unlike a lot of other starlets who take their time and try to ration each sexual break-through, starting with only solo masturbation scenes, then trying girl girl and slowly building toward a progression that eventually ends up with extreme hardcore – Tory Lane decided to work from the extreme back down to the softcore side of the spectrum instead.

Gianna Michaels

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gianna michaelsGianna Michaels was born in June of 1983 to a middle class family in Seattle, Washington. Perhaps foreshadowing her eventual career in adult entertainment, Gianna Michaels’ very first job was working at a local hamburger restaurant in the pacific northwest ironically named Dick’s. At eighteen years old she decided to move to California and found a job working as a receptionist. That job allowed her to meet all sorts of people because she dealt with the public every day and finally she came in contact with someone who offered her a job doing some amateur modeling work. It wasn’t long before this big tits superstar was showing off her naked 34DD-27-38
body and big naturals for porn enthusiasts to enjoy in hardcore action!

She has also filmed porn under the aliases Becky and Gianna Rossi for some studios, her name has also been varied as Gianni, Genia and Gianna by several porn DVD companies along the way through her career. To date Gianna Michaels has compiled a portfolio of more than 395 Titles starring roles in xxx feature films and countless more made for the web vids as well.

For a long time Gianna chose not to do any anal sex videos which made her a rarity among top pornstars performing today. Still she managed to gain a lot of support in spite of the restriction she placed on fucking her own ass. She has received several awards and spoke candidly about the scene from G for Gianna that won her a prestigious AVN Award for Best All-Sex Release – filmed in Las Vegas during 2008 and produced by Evil Angel and directed by Jonni Darkko. “Johnny actually asked me to do a second take, and he was pretty much saying he wants to do a nastier version. The first one was pretty. A couple of different fetishes and stuff like that, but he wants to make the second one more intense, you know what I mean? The first one, there was a girl/girl scene with Velicity Von and oh man. It was actually supposed to be a double-BJ, and he was like, ‘Just tease me a little bit, and I’ll jump in! Do a little girl/girl. Just feel each other out.’ And it turned into a girl/girl scene. It was just going so awesome.” Capturing the real organic heat of sex between people who know how to much each other have the most intense orgasms is what the pornstar career of Gianna Michaels has always been about.

A statuesque goddess towering over most other porn talent thanks to her 5 foot ten inch tall frame, Gianna has a pierced tongue and a five pointed star tattoo on her lower back. However, no matter how she chooses to augment her body with ink or piercings, nothing will ever detract her fans from giving their full attention to the best set of natural tits in xxx films today. Her 36DD breasts are already legendary and have sparked comparisons to the most famous big tits of all time with a select group of pornstars including Christy Canyon of classic porn fame.

Little Caprice

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little capriceLittle Caprice is a pornstar who was born in Prague, Czech Republic and according to astrology she is a Scorpio. She is a Caucasian girl with brunette hair and lovely and expressive brown eyes. She is a tiny 5 feet 1 inches tall and weighs a mere 90 pounds making her extremely petite. Her body measurements are 32B-25-34 and she is all natural too. She has no tattoos at all on her lovely body but does have a few body piercings. Her nostril, tongue and navel all sport studs. Her adult career has seen her being credited under several different stage names including Caprice, Caprice A, Caprice S, Caprise, Lola, Lola D, Lolashut, Marketa and Patricia. While English is not her first language she does speak it quite well and has no trouble communicating using it.

Caprice began her adult internet website sometime near the beginning of 2009 with her first blog entry being a hello message announcing her blogging efforts. She mentions that she began her website just for some fun and as a place to post her naked pictures. Saying that if it can help her raise money for school tuition then why not try to do that as well. At the time she was undecided whether to attend college for design or photography but her interests have been and still are in both. During the first months of her blog she would take requests for photo sessions from members and then post samples of the images with some including teasing her nipples with ice, and dressing up in different outfits.

In 2010, Little Caprice began shooting scenes for porn films and one of the first was for “ATK Galleria 12: Amateur Cuties” from Amateur Teen Kingdom. She appears in the second scene of the movie and appears under the alias name Lola. She’s looking sexy in a skimpy outfit and she starts to move her body and tease the camera. Getting topless she spends a bit of time fondling her nice perky natural tits and then she reaches down between her legs. She’s rubbing on her clit faster and faster and then she slides one finger inside. Working a second finger inside of her dripping wet pussy she is moaning and writhing around as she has an orgasm before the scene fades out. Around the same time she also performed a solo scene in “ATK Galleria 13: Hottest Girls Next Door” and in this one she has a scene with a dildo. She sucks it like it was a cock and then fucks it and then tastes it before the scene is done.

Porn fans really love Ms. Caprice and her all natural petite body. While some people early on in her career thought that she had implants, she squelches this rumor quickly explaining that her tits simply grew a little more. It’s not unheard of for a woman’s tits to grow into her late teens and also they can look larger or smaller depending on hormones and such. Caprice prides herself on her body and maintaining it for her fans so she was happy to put that rumor to rest and even released early photographs compared to recent ones.

Among Little Caprice’s hobbies are having sex followed by having a little more sex and she loves getting fucked from behind while she’s on her hands and knees. If she had a choice of radio station she would probably put it on a station featuring British pop-rock. Like a lot of models she has also taken an interest in photography and does enjoy taking photographs when she finds an interesting subject. She enjoys watching movies as well with her favorite genres being comedy and horror films. According to her, some of the best food a person could possibly eat is sushi, but that’s followed by spicy foods which she also adores. The type of guys that she likes are covered in cool tattoos and body piercings although she is bisexual and also loves a cute and sexy girl about her own size and shape.

Little Caprice performed in the film “My Sexy Kittens 56” from Seventeen studios. She performs a hardcore fuck scene in this one and her partner is a guy who has no credits in the film. She’s in the shower with the water streaming down her sexy body when he joins. She is happy to see him and drops to a squat and gives him a nice energetic blowjob before taking his cock from behind. She’s moaning loudly as he fucks her hard and fast, driving his cock as deep as he can into her wet pussy. Near the end of the scene she takes his hard dick in her hand and strokes him until he ejaculates all over her face. Appearing again as Lola, she performed also in episode 52 of the series in a lesbian scene, and episode 65 in a solo masturbation scene.

Released in 2011, the movie “Teen Rebel” from Harmony Films is a movie that features Little Caprice by her regular stage name. She also appears as the only picture on the front DVD box cover. The film plot surrounds her and her friend Nataly Von arriving in Prague to start university and follows their sexual escapades. Her scene is the second one in the film and is a lesbian scene with costars Carmen Croft and Leony Dark. They enjoy each other using their tongues, lips and fingers and also a big double ended dildo.

Lily Carter

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lily carterLily Carter is a slim pornstar who hails from the state of Oregon in the Northwestern part of the United States. She is a Caucasian girl with brown hair and blue eyes. She stands at 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs only 107 pounds making her a very petite woman. She has body measurements of 32B-26-36 giving her a near perfect all natural figure. She has a couple of tattoos on her body and those are stars on each hip. Her only body piercings are her ears. Lily has been credited under a few different names since beginning her adult career and those are Navaeh, Lily B. and Lili Carter. She says in a later interview that she got started in the industry by looking up how to do it on the internet. She was thinking of just doing webcam work to begin with but then she changed her mind and went straight to movies. Her stage name came from people comparing her to actress Lynda Carter and she has always loved lily flowers.

One of her first scenes was in the Hustler Video release of “Barely Legal 111” which was directed by Otto Bauer in 2010. Lily is paired with Rocco Reed in the film’s fourth scene and she’s sucking on his cock in a very sensual and deliberate way that adds to the scene. She rides on top of his cock and then they move into a spoon position. She holds on to the bedpost as she gets fucked in that position and then it’s missionary where she rubs her clit while being fucked hard. The scene finally comes to it’s conclusion when Rocco ejaculates all over her waiting face and open mouth. She licks and sucks his dick to get every last bit of cum off and out of it.

Another of her earlier scenes was in a film called “Netskirts 4.0” from Girlfriends Films which was directed by Dan O’Connell. She appears again in scene number four but this time with Charisma Cappelli. The two ladies are wearing sexy outfits in the kitchen and they’re just talking. While working on the laptop computer in the bedroom they decide to get topless and play with their tits together. They begin kissing and sucking on their nipples and then they’re nude and rubbing their pussies together too. You can see that Lily is not just going through the motions and that she’s really into the other girl as the scene progresses. They wind up licking each others snatches and then kissing for an ending to the hot lesbian scene. At the end of her debut year, Lily won the CAVR award for Debutante of the Year which was really thrilling for her.

In an interview that Lily gave in the summer of 2011, she reveals a few things about her personal and professional life. For example she describes herself as totally bisexual and her very first sexual experience was even with a girl. She knew she was into girls for certain when she would fantasize about girls masturbating while she masturbated. She even has a specific type of girl that she likes saying that tan and petite girls do it for her. She’s always been attracted to genuinely nice people and she really hates mean people in fact. When it comes to men she loves a real man who is older than her with a sense of humor and who knows what he wants. She is sometimes into a younger guy as well but it depends on the guy.

Ms. Carter talks about her very first scene which was in “ATK Newcomers” from Kick Ass Pictures. It’s a solo masturbation scene and as Lily explains it, she was super nervous but also super excited. She has always had a fantasy of displaying herself in public so doing this solo masturbation scene with sex toys in front of a camera was a huge turn on for her. Her first scene with a partner was even more nerve wracking for her because she’s a self-described shy girl. She recalls that she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to perform with this guy that she had just met, but that all went away once she felt his dick inside of her. Lily is asked about one of her wildest personal sexual encounters and she describes one time when she had sex on a street corner in front of all sorts of people passing by. She’s also done it in other public places and really gets off on that.

Lily Carter had her first double penetration and first anal double penetration in the film “Lily Carter Is Irresistible” in 2012. From the studios of Elegant Angel it was directed by William H. Nutsack and features a picture of the lovely Lily on the DVD box covers both front and rear. While Lily appears in every scene in the film, it’s the third scene along with Mick Blue and Ramon Nomar that makes the film a milestone. Both guys are working her over from both ends and when the time is right one of them fucks her ass while the other is in her pussy.

Lacey Duvalle

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lacey duvalleLacey Duvalle is a stunning and well known black porn actress who is currently 29 years old. She was born in the spring of 1982 in Washington, D.C. Her rise in the world of xxx films was fast, then she took an extended break from the action and fans feared she had retired – but the sex videos Lacey made during her triumphant return remain among the best black sex movies ever made.

Lacey Duvalle has appeared in 144 films and this 5 foot 3 inch tall busty lady has certainly caught the attention of many over the years as she continues to bring an exotic and erotic presence to the porn world through her exclusive studio contract xxx videos and various adult freelance work.

Lacey may have been born in Washington, D.C., but she didn’t stay there for long. She found herself in Los Angeles when she was a teen and her deep seeded California roots and casual attitude toward sex come through quite often in her demeanor and personality.

Lacey Duvalle’s porn career started quickly and she gained popularity almost immediately, though she originally began performing under the stage name Pebbles. She only waited two days after she turned eighteen before she decided to make her first porn video for Dirty Debutantes, an amateur porn series produced by Ed Powers. As she explained in an interview published online, she never worried too much about friends or family finding out. “A lot of them know and yeah, they are surprised, but not too much.. I was always a bit of an exhibitionist so they can’t be too shocked.” She shot her first video in 2000 after meeting the Dirty Debutantes manager and seeing how much money she could make just by sucking or fucking strangers on film.

Lacey said in an interview that one major factor for her agreeing to the video is that the manager talking to her also managed her favorite black pornstar, Obsession.

Lacey Duvalle has worked with many different porn companies including Video Team and Venom Digital. She has also worked with many top porn producers online. Their interest in filming the busty Ms. Lacey Duvalle is obvious. More than her fame for being a black pornstar, Lacey Duvalle owes her success to her amazing big tits and her diminutive frame. She has 34Cs on a very petite body, and her love of big cocks makes her seem even more slender. She especially enjoys working with Mark Davis, as he knows how to bring out the squirting orgasm side of her sexuality with his expert fingers according to Lacey.

While Lacey Duvalle appeared in a variety of themed scenes like Fuck My Tits 4 and Bitch Blow Me 2, she has some very hard limits in place. “Currently, I am not doing anal. Maybe in my private life, but not on camera.” She does have one special circumstance that she would go for it, however. “Mandingo and Lex double anal, why the fuck not?” she joked at an adult conference.

Other than her anal aversion, Lacy is very open to trying many different porn scenarios. She doesn’t shy away from big cocks or interracial, as she’s quite comfortable in working with white men. She’s also bisexual on and off the camera, with a love for women that she describes best as “I love girls all the time.”

Later in her career Lacey Duvalle decided to make her tits even bigger (a decision many of her true fans still lament.) She was beloved for her beautiful natural tits, but she upgraded to D cup breasts anyway. When she quit porn temporarily in 2006 fans feared she planned on making her rack even bigger, but she has since returned and appeared in films like Chocolate Sorority Sistas 8 and Big Ass Stalker 1.

Some of her notable achievements include winning Best POV Sex Scene for her performance in Tunnel Vision 3, produced by Jules Jordan. She starred alongside Mario Cassinni for that award winner. She also appeared on Playboy’s list of sexiest pornstars, with an associated photo shoot that collectors treasure.

Lacey has some definite favorite porn actors and actresses to work with, Mark Davis, Mandingo and Crystal Knight among them. However, she reports that “I have worked with just about everyone I have wanted,” so she knows exactly how to get in with her favorite pornstars in the business.

While 144 scenes may sound like a lot, her activity is dwarfed by many other pornstars, including more prominent black stars. She has a true enthusiasm for her work, especially when she gets to submit to the big dick of her dreams, whether it’s black or white. She also doesn’t stop at one on one action, frequently enjoying herself in MMF threesomes that have her juggling two dicks at the same time. That takes some true talent and skill.

There is one fan that helped to immortalize the lovely Lacey Duvalle. Rapper Charles Hamilton crafted an urban ode to his favorite pornstar, named after her. While many pornstars may be mentioned in rap songs, especially those with easy names to rhyme with, Lacey Duvalle is one of the few that has the entire song named after and dedicated to her.

Lacey Duvalle has had an interesting career, and at 29 years of age she does appear to be looking in to other career options. However, she has sporadic releases reminding her fans just why they fell in love with her in the first place. Whether they enjoyed her natural tits, her newer large fake breasts, her willingness to indulge in interracial, or her love for all things sexual – she will always be one of the hottest, most interesting black pornstars ever.

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